Burel Mountain Originals: 100% wool, 100% Portuguese tradition

eva.campriani has recently become a distributor of design label Burel Mountain Originals. Burel Factory was founded in 2009 with an aim to continue the traditional manufacturing of loden fabrics (burel = loden) and attract the attention of modern design aficionados

Burel is a wonderful fabric that has been produced on the Iberian Peninsula since the Middle Ages. It consists of 100% sheep’s wool and its resilience, durability and water repellence make it an ideal fabric for interior design purposes. 

The sheep’s wool is used – woven as a fabric or felted into loden – for design furniture, carpets, sound absorbing wall panels, ceiling cladding and accessories.

All these are manufactured in smooth or hand -stitched loden. Burel fabric is available in 49 colors and 22 types ofstitches (so-called 3d embroidery stitches). 

Due to its composition of 100% wool, burel also has excellent sound and vibration absorbing qualities. With its various modular solutions for acoustic cladding burel provides effective sound -proofing. and vibration absorption. It is therefore ideal for commercial spaces, offices, hotels, and homes, e.g.: as decorative space dividers. 

Please contact me for an appointment so I can show you how burel could work in your project.